trying out the iPad

I have borrowed an iPad from work to take notes on at ER&L next week. So far I’m learning that I can’t touch type on it, so I’ll have my head down a lot. Also, the screen is very sensitive, so I’m making typos when my fingers get too close. Will be needing to hone my hovering skills.

I’m also bringing my laptop, so I can switch to that if this gets frustrating.

4 thoughts on “trying out the iPad”

  1. I have precisely the same problem. The touch-typist’s dilemma! I’m considering an external keyboard for conferences, but only if I can find one I like, where “like” means I can comfortably touch-type on it and it’s not at all bulky. (I haven’t looked at the options yet.)

  2. I used it to compose a few essays on the flights out here, and I used it all day yesterday. I can’t type as fast as I can on a regular keyboard, but it’s fast enough for taking notes most of the time. I’m not as impressed with the iOS auto-correct as I am with the Android auto-correct, but I’m making do. It’s certainly lighter to carry around than my laptop, and I’m quite impressed with the battery life.

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