NASIG 2015 – Building a Social Compact for Preserving E-Journals

Speaker: Anne Kenney, University Librarian, Cornell University 30 years ago when NASIG began, we wouldn’t have been worrying about the preservation of ejournals. But we do. The digital-first ecology disrupts traditional roles and responsibilities, with publishers now being responsible for…Continue Reading →

NASIG 2015 – Somewhere To Run To, Nowhere To Hide

Speaker: Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President, Alexander Street Press His perspective is primary source collections, mostly video and audio, created by a small company of 100 or so people. There are billions and trillions of photos, videos, and audio files being added…Continue Reading →

NASIG 2015 – Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do (Read Serials)

Speaker: Dorothea Salo, Faculty Associate, University of Wisconsin – Madison Publishers and providers are collecting massive amounts of user data, and Salo is not happy about this. ALA code of ethics is not happy about this, either. Why does privacy matter?…Continue Reading →

SSP/NASIG – What Do All of these Changes Mean for Vendors?

Speaker: Caitlin Trasande, Head of Research Policy, Digital Science Social impact is the emerging bacon. Digital Science supports and funds startups that build software for research. The scope is the full life cycle of research, ranging from reading literature to planning…Continue Reading →

SSP/NASIG – Data Wranglers in LibraryLand—Finding Opportunities in the Changing Policy Landscape

Speaker: T. Scott Plutchak, Director of Digital Data Curation Strategies, The University of Alabama at Birmingham Data is the new bacon. Data is the hot buzzword in scholarly publishing. He is working on the infrastructure, services, and policies needed to manage data…Continue Reading →