phase 2b

I think I got to phase two and then took a left turn.

I think I got to phase two and then took a left turn. Unlike Matthew Inman’s entertaining illustrated phases of owning an iPod, I got over the “shiny new” phase relatively quickly and moved onto “incorporated into my life but not the central focus of it” phase. Even with the release of new and “better” nano models, I’m still happy with my 4 gig version from last year. It holds all the unplayed podcasts (around 34 at the moment) and an essential collection of songs.

I did have to buy a 60 gig portable hard drive because my 60 gig laptop was running out of space for additional music, so there is still a chance I’ll end up at phase seven.

3 thoughts on “phase 2b”

  1. unfortunately i’m at phase 6.
    and i’ve blown through my 80 gigs on my laptop and the 120 gigs on my external. i think it’s time to start deleting …

  2. I like it very much. It’s small, simple to use, and doesn’t require a separate power plug. It wasn’t too hard to move my iTunes library over to it, either. I haven’t noticed any performance loss from playing music via the USB connection.

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