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Holy freakin’ cow that was intense!

I’ve been hearing folks rave about how great the new Battlestar Galactica series is. Without a television (by choice) I haven’t been able to watch, but when the opportunity came to review the DVD set for season 2.5, I decided to jump in and watch all of the preceeding episodes, including the miniseries that served as a three hour pilot.

Holy freakin’ cow that was intense!

I knew the basic premise of the show before watching it. Humans created robot/android type things called the Cylons to be mechanical slaves. The Cylons became self-aware and turned on the humans. After a war, an armistice was declared, and for forty years it seemed like that was the end. Then the Cylons came back, stronger, and nearly destroyed all of humanity in one day. Only 50,000 humans remain, protected only by Galactica. They are looking for a new home that is safe from the Cylons.

Nothing I had heard or read prepared me for the reality. This is not the old Battlestar Galactica with it’s 70’s and 80’s science fiction sensibilities. This is for modern viewers who are not afraid of androids that look like “walking chrome toasters.” This miniseries had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. In fact, my muscles are still tense and I’m thinking I’ll need to watch something light and fluffy now if I’m ever going to fall asleep.

I’m scared of these Cylons. Mommy!

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  1. I saw the miniseries recently, and was pretty blown away by the whole thing as well. THAT was some intense storytelling: dark, fast-paced, and in places, gut-wrenching. If the series is that good, then the creators have a real gem on their hands.

  2. I discovered the series when the Season 1 DVD came out and I, too, was just floored. Now I’ve got Season 2.5 and recently got satellite, but didn’t get it in time to watch the second half of the season! Torturous waiting!!

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