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In a few hours, I will be starting my first shift alone at WRIR. Luckily, not many people will be listening from 3-6am (Eastern). If you’re up, feel free to tune in (terrestrial radio and streaming online) and laugh at all my screw-ups.

I have spent several hours tonight creating a playlist, rather than just going in and doing it on the fly like I used to. Partially because it’s been a long time since I thought about my music collection from the perspective of radio (family-friendly content), and partially because having all of my music in iTunes makes it easy to sort through by song rather than pulling each disc off of a shelf to decide what to play.

The hard part of the whole process was determining how much music I need to bring, since I will also be playing stuff from the WRIR library, making announcements, and other breaks throughout the show. I suspect this will get easier the more I do it.

3 thoughts on “back on the radio”

  1. I went to listen to you, but the WRIR stream is under construction! Please keep us posted as to your schedule, and I’ll be sure to listen in once they get the webcast working again.

    I spent one of my years at CWU doing 3-6 or 4-7 or some ridiculous shift like that a couple of times a week. I hope you have as much fun as I did!

  2. Sorry about that, Benjamin! Yeah, we’ve been having problems with the feed dying and having to be resurrected several times a day. They’re working hard to get a fix in place. I’ll be sure to post again when it’s up for sure.

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