My first two professional articles have been published!

My first two professional articles have been published!

Creech, Anna and Linda Sizemore. “GET MORE From Your Electronic Resources.” Kentucky Libraries. 68:2 (2004), 30-32.

Creech, Anna. “An Interview with Four Consultants.” Serials Review. 30:2 (2004), 144-150.

I need to investigate further the author archiving options Elsevier recently announced, as well as any copyright restrictions Kentucky Libraries may have. If possible, I will be posting the text of the articles online for those who do not have subscriptions to these titles and who are interested in reading them.

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  1. I have been working on an article for a long time, and I am wondering, did you have the go ahead from the journals ahead of time, or did you write the articles and then shop them around to journals?

  2. I’ll be very interested in reading the Kentucky Libraries article – it would be very cool if you could post it openly somewhere for us – the foreign and non-subscribers club 😉

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