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Librarians are among those least likely to speed?

Jessamyn posted a link today to a CNN report on bad drivers. Apparently, librarians are ranked among the top five professions that are least likely to get a speeding ticket. I guess this is another example of how I’m not your typical librarian, since I’ve gotten three speeding tickets in the past three years. Ironically, the first one occurred when I was moving to Kentucky to attend grad school for my MLS. After the last one, though, I have been more careful about my driving habits, and I’m proud to say that it has been eight months since my last speeding ticket.

5 thoughts on “speeding tickets”

  1. got one going 98 in a 70. got a radar detector, switched vehicles got a 39 in a 25. all in 2 months. i dont ever want to drive again…lol

  2. I hadn’t received a ticket in 15 years…Drove my new girlfriend to Canada and got 2 tickets in 2 days….with a radar detector….in the same county.
    Should I dump the new girlfriend?

  3. No Luck: Keep the girlfriend. Obviously, she excites you. However, I would find something to help you focus more on your driving, or get a car with cruise control. And stay out of that county.

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