boxes boxes boxes

Still packing, but the end is near.

I took the first car load of boxes to the post office this morning. It was easier than I expected, and they had enough people working so I didn’t feel like I was holding up the line too much. Then I went home and started packing more. By the time I decided to quit, I was amazed by how much stuff I had either put in the charity shop pile or in a packed and labeled box. I was also pleased to see how little was left to pack. Of course, it will likely end up more than I thought, but at least I’m starting to see an end to all this. I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow.

I’m house/farm sitting for my friends for the last time. They live about an hour from my house, so I’m losing some packing time by having to be here from about 6pm until 8am, but probably I wouldn’t be packing late at night anyway. It’s hard work! I need the break. I left my laptop at the farm today, so from about 9am until 8pm, I was without access to email/blogs/Internet. It’s in these times that I realize just how wired I am on a normal basis.

At work at my desk, I have email open all day, so I’m usually reading messages as they come in. In the evenings at home, I’m often logged on, even if I’m doing other things around the house. At first, I felt disconnected without at least checking email once an hour. Then I got so busy with all that I was doing, that I almost forgot all about it. I know I got a lot more done with the packing than I would have if I had brought the laptop home!

Maybe I should take more off-line mini-vacations…

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