support magnetic ribbons

Support Magnetic Ribbons

Magnetic ribbons for cars are the new statement bumper stickers, but with the advantage of not leaving goo on your $65,000 Lexus LX. In the end, who benefits from this booming industry? Why, it’s the magnetic ribbon manufacturers! That’s why this is the only magnetic ribbon you need.

Update 2/9/05: My magnetic ribbon arrived yesterday and is now proudly displayed on my car.

3 thoughts on “support magnetic ribbons”

  1. I hear ya there, Anna! I get so annoyed seeing those. In my community there are more than just the support our troop ones, there are breast cancer and autism and all kinds of them. It is ridiculous!

  2. I do love this so much. And I’d get one, but I just talked someone into buying this shirt for me. And I’m too cheap to buy anything else and I’m sure my friend won’t buy the ribbon for me.

    I wish I made more money or had better friends.

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