Gauntlet by Michael Jan Friedman

I had a vague feeling every so often that I had read this book before, but most of it was unfamiliar. In any case, it’s the first of a series, so I’d need to read it before the rest, anyway.

Friedman does a good job of introducing the characters that make up the crew of Picard’s first command, and he also keeps the names dissimilar enough that it’s easy to keep track of who is who. That’s an important feature for a book that is set in a familiar-but-different universe.

There are several subplots and threads left hanging at the end, but we’re given a satisfying conclusion to this particular story arc. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

And, hey, look! I read two books this weekend! Of course, I didn’t do other things I should have been doing, but other things are the reason why I haven’t read very much this year so phoey on them.

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