Turn the Other Chick is the fifth book in the Chicks in Chainmail series edited by Esther Friesner. The book is a collection of 22 short stories by fantasy authors (including one by the editor) that almost all involve at least three elements: a chick (er, woman), chainmail (or other body armor), and adventure with the chick wearing said chainmail. Most of the stories are told tongue-in-cheek, with some more entertaining and coherent than others. My favorites are as follows:

  • The Girl’s Guide to Defeating the Dark Lord by Cassandra Claire – Being kidnapped by a Dark Lord can have a happy ending.
  • The Gypsy Queen by Catherine H. Shaffer – Transgendered barbarian swordspersons find true love.
  • Over the Hill by Jim C. Hines – Grandma Guardswoman isn’t ready to retire just yet.
  • Defender of the Small by Jody Lynn Nye – Be kind to your small fury friends.

One thought on “#4”

  1. Well, I had no idea Cassie Claire was published. And with that auspicious beginning…

    I’m Heather–found you through geocaching.com and bookcrossing entries (um, I think I’m hcb for geocaching and peznik for bookcrossing. I’m terrible about my various names). And as an odd aside, I did my work study years ago with Linda in periodicals. Small world, no?

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