thing 5 & 6: flickr

So, we’ve been doing this thing at work following the Learning 2.0 model that Helene Blowers developed for the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County a few years ago. We’re on week three and thing five & six, which involve posting something on Flickr (been doing that since March 2005), adding it to the pool, and then blogging about the experience. Alternatively, participants can find an interesting photo on Flickr and include it in a blog entry (with proper attribution, of course).

For me, doing the basics was nothing new, so that part was… well… boring. However, it leads into thing six, which is to explore Flickr mashups. I made this using the Spell with Flickr tool:
E C coloured card disc letter l DSC_1576 c T C
DSC_1410 Copper Uppercase Letter I Brass Letter B _R (2 days left) A R i a in the pavement, kalmar, sweden McElman_080417_6572_N

I have played with Tag Galaxy before, and I have an old Librarian Trading Card. I decided to make a new card, and I’ve bookmarked the color pickr for later use.

For my fellow TechLearners and anyone else out there who cares, I suggest you don’t use Flickr’s Uploadr if you need to upload a bunch of images (as in, more than 10). Something broke with version 3.0 and more often than not I get upload errors when I try to use it. I have not tried it on the Mac, so it’s possible that my problems are Windows-specific.

4 thoughts on “thing 5 & 6: flickr”

  1. I haven’t had major issues with the 3.0 Flickr Uploadr for the most part. The only time I had an issue was when I tried to do more than 50 photos. It still sent them to Flickr (they came through fine), but didn’t clear the cache in the Uploadr.

    And I’m sorry to say I’ve tagged your for a meme.

  2. Okay, browsing your flickr pics way too late at night…. But a couple of things: 1) love the ghost image of you taking a picture of the iMac reflected in the iMac’s screen; 2) tell me how you like the keyboard—while I’m fully committed to the dark side, I’m not sure that that particular feat of engineering was one of Jobs et al.‘s better ideas….

  3. coolness! love the lettering – so you’re doing the “things” too huh? we did it here at EKU and it was quite fun and got a lot of us going on 2.0 and finding new ways to communicate

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