christmas 2005

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Mine has improved as the day has gone by, but I spent most of it sleeping in between coughing fits. I just set up my new iPod Nano, which makes me very happy. Cranium Hoopla with my Dad and my grandparents wasn’t as much fun as it was with a bunch of librarians at ACRL WA/OR, but I think it will go over well with my friends. My sister has already blogged about her gifts, including the t-shirt I gave her.

I found out last week that Wishing Chair has all of their albums available on iTunes, including some that are currently out of print. I highly recommend spending some of those gift card credits on Wishing Chair songs. I recommend Bully Circus, Copernicus, Now, If Wishes Were Horses, and Singing With the Red Wolves to get you started.

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