dixie chicks on the next geraldo!

It’s so beautiful outside today that I wish my campus had a campus-wide wireless network. That way, I could borrow a laptop and work on the lawn. Ahh… one can dream…

The Specious Report has written a satire of Natalie Maines’ apology. I think it is much more appropriate.

Geraldo Rivera has “volunteered” to leave Iraq after broadcasting the location of the Army troops he was quasi-embedded with, as well as their possible future movements. I thought that the Fox News Channel was the breeding ground for conservative war hawks. I had no idea that they were actually working for Saddam!

Ever since the Patriot Act was passed in Congress, librarians have been discussing what to do about patron privacy. Booksellers have also been concerned, but their situation is somewhat more complex than libraries, since they have a history of using their customer histories to provide more customized service. One bookstore owner in Washington State has decided to not follow many libraries’ leads and is retaining his customer records in full. He briefly explains why he has made this decision, despite privacy concerns surrounding the Patriot Act.

One thought on “dixie chicks on the next geraldo!”

  1. First Heraldo: I have to say that I have very little respect for your type of “create the story” type of journalism..

    Second: I am not much of a country music fan, even considering these talented & sexy gals… I have never bought one of their CD’s and likely never will..

    However: As a Vietnam Era Veteran I don’t think that this or any war; is an answer to much of anything.. That was the intent of the One
    “chick’s comment” – in my view! Redneck’s and the general populace need to “lighten up”! Supporting our Country & Troops is alot different than “Dubya Bush’s” whim’s..

    It remains to be seen: that we can positively change the “human condition” in Iraq or other Mid East countries as benevolent Uncle Sam..

    Our killing thousands of people, to get Saddam & two hundred or so other thugs, that have become entrenched over thirty years in Saddam Hussein’s regime; still seems like overkill to me.

    The comments that “the one chick” made about our President (in England) => was a very unfortunate/stupid comment, that shouldn’t have been made in a time of war(my view)…

    However: Our President reminds me of “MAD magazine’s” Alfred E. Neuman => “What me worry”.. in handling Iraq & Terrorism.

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