Holy linkage, Librarian!

That’s right, I’ve been busy collecting all sorts of things to share.

    Women are striking for peace on November 11.
    Apparently, the British can’t rap, but I picked up a copy of Ms. Dynamite‘s CD, and it’s pretty good.
    The military’s homophobia could be a barrier in the War on Terrorism. Seven Arabic linguists were recently dismissed because they were discovered to be gay.
    An artist is making use of the pictures people were asked to take after 11 September 2001 to prove to airport security that their cameras were not hiding bombs.
    Was there really something going on between Marcia and Jan?
    This one made me smile. Do you think that First Lady Laura Bush is really a Democrat? Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me.
    Lastly, the oldest book in the Purdue University Libraries will turn 500 years old this year.

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