bush relatives for kerry

“Because blood is thinner than oil.”

“Because blood is thinner than oil.”

A friend sent me a link to this small website containing statements from relatives of George W. Bush who plan to vote for John F. Kerry. I found it rather enlightening. My favorite quote comes from Bush relative Jeanny House:

“I’m voting for John Kerry because I’m a Christian. I know that my second cousin, George Bush, claims that he is the anointed leader of the American people and that God told him to run for office. I believe he may even believe that. I don’t.”

i want my country back!

I just read Howard Dean’s new book….

Some friends generously gave me a gift certificate to Powell’s Books for my birthday this year, and this weekend I had the opportunity to visit that giant independent bookstore in Portland. I used their gift to purchase a copy of Howard Dean’s new book, You Have the Power, which I just finished reading tonight. It is both educational and inspiring, with the right mix between his reflections on his presidential race and his vision for the revitalization of the Democratic Party. On assuming that Democrats have the African-American vote, Dean writes,

“The truth is

winner-take-all v. proportional representation

Third parties don’t work in the USA by design, albeit unintentional.

Some time ago, a friend sent me this article from Common Dreams. The premise is essentially, “Don’t vote Ralph or W will win.” However, what I found most interesting about it was a clear and concise explanation of the whys and wherefores of the differences between the USA representative democracy setup and most of the rest of the free world’s setup. We are a winner-take-all democracy that by its very nature only works in a two-party system. Third parties are almost never moderate, and therefore are likely to be pulling from only one of the two major parties, no matter what Ralph may want you to believe. When the setup is Major Party 1 at 41%, Major Party 2 at 39%, and Third Party leaning towards Major Party 2 at 20%, the Major Party 1 will win, even though they are a minority and do not truly represent a majority of the people. In a proportional representation system, the percentage of votes would translate to the number of seats won by each party, and thus coalitions would have to be formed in order to get a true majority. If the USA changed to this system, more people would feel that their interests are represented in the government and we wouldn’t be worrying about spoilers.

dnc press creds

Jessamyn may be getting blogger press credentials for the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Woo-hoo! Jessamyn may be getting blogger press credentials for the 2004 Democratic National Convention, thanks in part to an entry I made a few months ago.

I didn’t bother to apply for blogger press credentials. I won’t be able to go because of a prior commitment, and I couldn’t afford to go, in any case. Besides, I’m not a journalist. I write about things that interest me whenever I get the bug to write. I hate assignments, and a press pass to blog the DNC would be very much like a writing assignment.

axis of eve

The perfect match to your “anybody but bush” button/shirt/hat: protest panties.

I don’t think there were quite as many sources of political attire in previous elections compared to this one. It seems like every time I turn around, someone is hawking a political-slogan laden line of clothing, hats, stickers, buttons, etc. I’ve even participated in this political consumerism by buying a t-shirt from one popular anti-Bush source. Given all that, somehow it just makes sense that someone would come up with a line of protest panties. [thanks jeff]

google bomb

Directing users to the correct website.

So, I’ve been told by a few reputable sources that there is a googlebomb directing web surfers to a pro-Bush website when they search for information on the 2004 Democratic National Convention, similar to the highly effective “weapons of mass destruction” googlebomb that almost everyone has gotten an email about by now. I haven’t been able to reproduce the googlebomb, so I don’t know if this is still an indexing concern.