heavy heart

I have a heavy heart today.

I have a heavy heart today. Yesterday I let my anger dominate my rational self. I keep thinking about how appropriate the Sinfest cartoon on Monday is for the situation I find myself in now. I am still trying to figure out how I got into a place of anger, and why it continues to smolder in my heart even now that I regret having acted on it.

watch what you write

Who is reading your blog?

An employee a Harvard has been fired due to comments she posted on her personal blog about her supervisors and co-workers.

Burch said that the weblog did not affect her job performance in any negative way.

“Most of it is total heat of the moment stuff,” said Burch. “I’m not dangerous and I don’t wish anyone harm or malice and I don’t even dislike anybody. I just had momentary frustration and the blog was a good way to get it out so I can get on with things.”

The moral of the story is that you don’t post anything in a public space that you wouldn’t want someone else to read, particularly if it involves physical threats and your workplace.

I’m amazed whenever I get a comment or a response to something I have posted here, more so when it’s from someone I don’t know. Besides being generally laid back about my workplace, I wouldn’t even think to publish something negative. While this is my personal space to write, I look at it as a constantly shifting environment that includes both personal and professional elements.

soothing tech envy

I admit it. I’m envious of my contemporaries who are more technology equipped than me.

I admit it. I’m envious of my contemporaries who are more technology equipped than me. I’ve had twinges of envy every time Jenny brags about her Treo 600. I’ve longed for a better laptop so that I could experience the wonders of WiFi and be able to complain when library conferences aren’t set up for it. Then I read an essay by Anthony Caruana that compares and contrasts smart phones v. PDAs with the perspective on who really needs the features of each.