simplifying and organizing, one t-shirt at a time

Monday night I finally put together the cheap bookshelf I bought for temporary storage and organization. Living in a one-bedroom apartment with limited closet space has taught me how to stack, organize, and reduce the clutter of nostalgia and maybe-somedays. This bookshelf is the latest edition to my never-ending quest to maintain clean and organized surface spaces.

In the process of rearranging that corner of my bedroom, I ran across a small box that was the start of a “remove one thing every day” project a while back that never went anywhere. I seized upon this opportunity and inspiration to sort through my ever-expanding t-shirt collection (curses upon you, shirt.woot!) and withdraw a few from the “don’t fit and probably won’t wear again” section. I added a few unused kitchen utensils and promised myself that as soon as I returned from Internet Librarian, I would take it to the local charity shop.

We’ll see.

unemployed democrats

The folks who started the now defunct website have returned.

The folks who started the now defunct website have come back with a new sassy Democratic paraphenalia website:

Also, it seems that they have designed a new look to one of the t-shirts hanging in my closet.

axis of eve

The perfect match to your “anybody but bush” button/shirt/hat: protest panties.

I don’t think there were quite as many sources of political attire in previous elections compared to this one. It seems like every time I turn around, someone is hawking a political-slogan laden line of clothing, hats, stickers, buttons, etc. I’ve even participated in this political consumerism by buying a t-shirt from one popular anti-Bush source. Given all that, somehow it just makes sense that someone would come up with a line of protest panties. [thanks jeff]

more librarian t-shirts

New librarian t-shirts.

Jessamyn posted a link to some librarian t-shirts created by SLIS students at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I found one that aptly describes my experiences at the NASIG conference this year. Perhaps if I have an extra $100 before the next conference, I’ll get shirts for all of the posse.