I’ve been published!

Sort of. In a semi-scholarly blog, though. It’s one I’ve been reading for many years now, and a favorite, so I was flattered to be asked to write a guest post about my new sportsball hobby, hurling. Here’s a snippet:

“Then in late summer, we were at a scrimmage, and they were trying to have a camogie (women’s only) match without pulling in substitutes from the men’s teams, but we were short one player. Our team captain turned to me and indicated I could fill in as goalie. I was not dressed to play nor prepared to play, but she continued to insist that I would play. Finally, she said in her lovely Irish lilt, ‘If you didn’t want to play, you should have stayed in the car.’ Shortly thereafter I found myself nervously guarding a goal that was much, much too large for me to keep a very small ball from repeatedly going in.”

Fit is a Feminist Issue (November 27, 2020)