upgraded WordPress & CiL! squee!

I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 this afternoon because I wanted to make sure everything here was in tip-top shape before I headed off to Computers in Libraries on Sunday. For anyone who hasn’t done it yet, yes, you really do need to delete those directories and files rather than overwriting them with new versions. I had a moment of panic when I “finished” the upgrade and did not have a dashboard or a public view, but a quick visit to the support forums cleared that up.

I am very excited about the Computers in Libraries conference. There has been a constant buzz on Twitter over the past couple of months, increasing steadily as the dates drew nearer. This will be my first time attending, and I’m trying to keep my schedule and options open to whatever may come my way, but also planning for what I want to get out of the conference. In particular, I’m thinking about which vendors I need to talk to and preparing detailed questions.

When I was planning which sessions I wanted to attend, I found myself jumping from track to track, which makes me wonder if I’m weird or if the whole conference track system is too rigid. I don’t think I’m committed to anything, so I can stick with my usual “if this session loses my interest, I have a backup somewhere else” thing.

The program is exciting — there are so many speakers and topics that fit my interests that I had trouble prioritizing in certain time slots. That being said, if I’m going to be completely honest here, I’m just as thrilled about getting to meet a few “heroes” as I am about whatever it is they may be presenting on. The best part of a conference is the networking, and that, more than anything, is what keeps me energized through the final hours.

Well, that and a double espresso.