Satan … er … Fred Phelps is at it again.

Satan … er … Fred Phelps is at it again. This time he wants to put a religious gay-bashing monument in Casper, Wyoming. Casper is the hometown of Matthew Shepard, a gay man who was brutally murdered because he was gay. Phelps and his crew of devils church members crudely protested at Shepard’s funeral, among other vicious and un-Christian acts of hate. [thanks aw]

“Nothing has so occupied and mysteriously seized the imagination of the world media to compare with Matt Shepard,” Phelps said. “It is a phenomenon. It all comes back to Casper, Wyoming. That is his home, that is where he was born, where that church is, where those institutions … conspired in a confluence of evil resulting in a Zeitgeist that is extraordinarily evil.

“He (Shepard) was not a hero,” Phelps added. “This is a great monster sin against God. It is not an innocent alternate lifestyle. And all that has come down in that one little evil town called Casper, Wyoming. And we can’t ignore that.”