sudoku is fun!

Mental challenges for people on the go.

cover of Sudoku Puzzles To GoThe greatest advantage Sudoku Puzzles To Go has over similar game books is that it is spiral bound. Nothing about a puzzle book irritates me more than a tight paper binding, particularly if it is so cheap that the paper is warped when you try to open it flat. (*cough*Scholastic*cough*) Barbara Schulak has self-published this spiral bound gem via, where she has a new Sudoku puzzle book that is a bit more challenging.

I have been hearing a buzz about Sudoku for the past year, which immediately made me resistant to its allure. The descriptions I heard and the strange looking grids printed in newspapers made it seem much more confusing and complicated than it is. In fact, given my undergraduate degree in mathematics and general love of solving number puzzles, I should have been immediately drawn to Sudoku. Instead, it took one little (conveniently spiral bound) Sudoku puzzle book to attract my attention long enough to learn the rules and start playing. I’m hooked.

Sudoku Puzzles To Go is a perfect introduction for the confused like myself. Schulak introduces the book with a clear and concise explanation of the rules of Sudoku. The book is laid out so that very easy 9×9 grids come first, with increasing difficulty as one works one’s way towards the end. The last ten puzzles are 16×16 grids, which leads in nicely to Schulack’s latest Lulu publication, 16 x 16 Sudoku Puzzles To Go. The book includes solutions to all of the puzzles, which comes in handy when one is stuck.

With 250 grids, Sudoku Puzzles To Go makes a great travel companion on long flights, cross-country road trips, or your daily public transportation commute to work. Solving Sudoku puzzles while driving, biking, or walking is not recommended.