I learned a new card game.

oh, no!I learned a new card game last night called chocho. It is simple and a lot of fun. First, take an equal number of sets of four cards from a regular poker deck as there are players. Shuffle the cards and distribute them all to each player so that everyone begins with four cards. The dealer indicates clockwise or counter-clockwise play and calls the start. Everyone then passes a single card in that direction around the table and continues to do so until someone collects a set of four of the same cards. That person yells “chocho” and slams their hand down in the middle of the table. Everyone else follows suit and the person with their hand on top of the pile is the “chocho.” They then have to wear the “chocho” hat and become the next dealer. Play continues in this manner until everyone has had enough. There is very little strategy to the game, which makes it great mindless entertainment.