traffic rant

Today while driving with the summer traffic on I-90 to Seattle, I had a road engineering idea that I think might resolve some of the issues I had with my fellow drivers. Rather than just two lanes going both directions, we really need four: the fast lane, the slow lane, the truck lane, and the drives-like-a-grandpa lane. Today, the slow lane and drives-like-a-grandpa cars kept coming over into the fast lane to pass other slow and drives-like-a-grandpa cars that were going a fraction slower than them, thus causing the rest of us to brake suddenly and curse loudly. I’m glad no one was in the car with me, because I used the word “fuck” in many forms and frequently.

speeding tickets

Librarians are among those least likely to speed?

Jessamyn posted a link today to a CNN report on bad drivers. Apparently, librarians are ranked among the top five professions that are least likely to get a speeding ticket. I guess this is another example of how I’m not your typical librarian, since I’ve gotten three speeding tickets in the past three years. Ironically, the first one occurred when I was moving to Kentucky to attend grad school for my MLS. After the last one, though, I have been more careful about my driving habits, and I’m proud to say that it has been eight months since my last speeding ticket.