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I just read Howard Dean’s new book….

Some friends generously gave me a gift certificate to Powell’s Books for my birthday this year, and this weekend I had the opportunity to visit that giant independent bookstore in Portland. I used their gift to purchase a copy of Howard Dean’s new book, You Have the Power, which I just finished reading tonight. It is both educational and inspiring, with the right mix between his reflections on his presidential race and his vision for the revitalization of the Democratic Party. On assuming that Democrats have the African-American vote, Dean writes,

“The truth is

powell’s books newsletter

Sign up for the Powell’s Books newsletter! You’ll enjoy reading it.

I love the Powell’s Books newsletter! It always has clever non-sequitors like:

“The Mystery aisle buzzed with activity. As the new Mosley book found its place between “Gone Fishin'” and “A Little Yellow Dog,” the Chandlers and Hammetts nodded with approval. Although the Ellroys and Thompsons were pleased to see another noir, the Christies kept quiet and sipped their tea.”

interrupt mindless TV viewing

Litterate activist action plan via Powell’s Books newsletter.

I just got around to reading the recent newsletter from Powell’s Books. One of the fun features of the newsletter is the random things they throw in between features. Here’s the one from this issue:

Every Saturday afternoon in the TV showroom of a big-box electronics outlet in Davenport, Iowa, a book group gathers, not to talk about books, but to read them. “It’s about time a little mindless TV viewing was interrupted by literature, instead of the other way around,” Helen Mabry told Quad Cities radio reporter Andrew Cummerbund. (“Helen!” another book group member could be heard saying in the background. “Don’t stir the pot!”)”

That would be so much fun! I’d love to get together a bunch of book-loving folk and go read at Best Buy.