christmas 2005

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Mine has improved as the day has gone by, but I spent most of it sleeping in between coughing fits. I just set up my new iPod Nano, which makes me very happy. Cranium Hoopla with my Dad and my grandparents wasn’t as much fun as it was with a bunch of librarians at ACRL WA/OR, but I think it will go over well with my friends. My sister has already blogged about her gifts, including the t-shirt I gave her.

I found out last week that Wishing Chair has all of their albums available on iTunes, including some that are currently out of print. I highly recommend spending some of those gift card credits on Wishing Chair songs. I recommend Bully Circus, Copernicus, Now, If Wishes Were Horses, and Singing With the Red Wolves to get you started.

gospel of biff

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

What if Jesus had a crass best friend? What if they went to the East and learned kung fu and Zen Buddhism? What happened to Jesus when he was growing up, anyway?

The title of this book caught my eye when I first read it. I wasn’t quite sure if the book was a satire or a religious tract, and it turns out that it’s a little of both. Lamb asks the question, “What if…” and then proceeds to answer it page after page.

The story is told from the perspective of Biff, who was raised from the dead in the present time by an angel (with a directive from God, it seems) to write his gospel. The angel gives him the ability to speak in tongues, so the gospel is written with modern American idioms and informal language. If this book had been written now instead of a few years ago, one might imagine that the author would turn the Gospel of Biff into a blog.

There’s a lot in this book that is sure to rile the righteous. Although Joshua (Jesus) remains chaste throughout the story, Biff makes up for it by sleeping with almost every woman he meets. If the sex isn’t enough to make biblical literalists squirm, I’m sure that Joshua’s insistence than there should be a beatitude for the dumbfucks will do the trick. Clearly Moore had a great deal of irreverent fun filling in the gaps of Jesus’ life left by the other gospels. And, as he notes, if this book is enough to shake your faith, then perhaps you need to do a little more praying.

What do we want? PEACE! When do we want it? NOW!

Yesterday, I participated in my first anti-war protest. I’ve wanted to do something over the past year and half since it became obvious that Bush & Co. want to bomb the hell outta somebody so no one will pay attention to the things that really matter, such as the failing economy and political/corporate corruption. So far, most of the reports on the demonstration (a part of the nation-wide Books Not Bombs student strike) have spent more time talking about the anti-anti-war protestors and how the protest didn’t get across the message that anti-war does not mean that the demonstrators hate people in the military. Of all the people involved in this political smoke screen, it’s the 18-year-old military recruits who are going to get screwed the most. They’re going to be the one’s risking their lives for Pappy Bush and Uncle Cheney.

Is there a case for war in Iraq? Personally, I believe that all war is immoral, but most of the world doesn’t agree with me. So, if you need more than that, take a look at these 13 myths about the case for war in Iraq.

Watch what you wear in public – you might be a target for discrimination.

Bush is out of control. Am I next?

I first started to examine what I believe about war when I was in ninth grade, attending a Mennonite high school. The Mennonite Church USA has put together a nice website for peace advocates, including a section specifically on Iraq.

are you a chair-head?

For the past week, I have been spending my spare time working on putting up the storefront for the National Women’s Music Festival. If you haven’t been to this festival, you should make plans to be there this year. There are many great musicians performing, and unlike some other women’s music festivals, men are allowed to attend and you don’t have to camp outside. Also, my friends are performing on the Saturday night mainstage.

The Toronto Sun‘s Career Connection section has busted some stereotypes in its write-up on librarianship.

Jeb Bush’s proposed budget would eliminate funding for Florida State Libraries and Archives. We wouldn’t want any messy evidence hanging around, now, would we? In a subsequent PR move, he delcared February as Florida Library Appreciation Month. I wonder what he’d do to you if he didn’t appreciate you?

Are you running out of patience with your neighbors? Terry Jones takes his direction from Dubya and proposes to bomb his suspicious neighbors.

I’m not sure if there is enough reason to even consider it yet, but some folks have started a movement to impeach Dubya.

Last, but most definitely not least, my Alex is the Petmate of the Month!

Dubya, Vampires, and Mennonites, oh my!

My friend Drew has made a weblog that is a satire of George W.’s private diary. It’s pretty funny.

“Just kickin’ back today. havin’ some Tecate, eatin’ pretzels and watchin’ some college football. Go Longhorns! Makes me miss mah days as a cheerleader back at Yale. Man, them were the days.”

I have been a part of a live-action role playing game for the past three years that is based on White Wolf‘s Vampire: The Masquerade. The game I am in isn’t as dark as RPG games tend to be, and I have had fun with it. I think if LARP as being more like improv theatre than the stereotypical D&D image that role playing games tend to bring up in the minds of the uninitiated. Anyway, while I was surfing around tonight, I ran across a list of Garou (aka werewolf) light bulb jokes.

How many Fianna does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One to screw it in, and nine to write bad poems and songs about it.

Today, I joined an online organization of folks who are willing to let independant touring musicians crash on their couches for a night or two. It’s called The Artist Couch Exchange and reminds me of Mennonite Your Way. Hmm…. I wonder if MYW will ever go electronic? Seems to me that it would be more up-to-date with out requiring frequent pressings.