not much to say

I’m busy – come back in a week.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been concienciously avoiding many of the online distractions I usually frequent, such as an IRC channel, the LISNews community, and various other websites. I’m behind on a number of projects at work (where it was easy to justify an hour of LISNews reading) and I’m moving to a new location outside of town on Friday. I need to catch up on my work because there are a number of projects I’d like to get started on that I can’t until I finish the ones I am working on already. Also, I only have my bedroom and bathroom packed – there’s still the living room with all my books, CDs, and random trinkets, as well as the kitchen to do. Plus I have a stack of CDs to review for the radio that I have been putting off for a couple of weeks. Not to mention various engagements that I’d rather not break. When did my life get so busy that I have to make time at 11pm to read a book and relax?

All of this is to explain why I’ve been even less visible out there online than usual. Not that I post much here, but I felt like I needed to at least let folks know that I’m still alive. Also, I needed to publicly whine a bit.

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