speaking of gmail invites…

Do you have a bunch of Gmail invites to give away?

If you have Gmail invites to give away, but all of your friends and interested blog readers already have them, I ran across a website that will help you give them away to those who want a Gmail account. I gave away three of my remaining four, keeping one just in case.

One thought on “speaking of gmail invites…”

  1. Hi,
    my name is Jessica and I somehow ended up on your page here as I was searching for a place to live that was pet-friendly here in Ellensburg! I too have just moved here from what seems like the other side of the world (Oklahoma) and have had a HORRIBLE time trying to find a decent place that would let me have my small dog. In desperation I ended up in a place that is ENTIRELY too expensive for me to be able to handle much longer and I was wondering if you had any good advice for me… or maybe your landlord has other places available. I check the paper daily, but with school being back in session now I’m not finding much. So, if you could drop me a note sometime we can exchange frusterations about the lack of pet-friendly rentals here in town.

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