midwinter event planner

I’m going to ALA Midwinter this year, and it will be the first ALA conference I have attended since the 2002 Annual. Is it normal for them to be so late in getting the Event Planner up? I’ve been checking it periodically since I registered, and every time the message is some variation of “coming soon.” At the moment, it says, “We are currently preparing the Planner for release, and will post the link this week.” I think it said that last week, too. Nice how they didn’t put a firm date or anything useful.

ALA Midwinter wiki

Coolness. ALA Midwinter has a wiki! I’ve already added one item about Seattle. For some reason, this wiki is the tipping point that has allowed me to become excited and looking forward to Midwinter. I haven’t looked forward to an ALA conference since my first and only one in 2002. I guess I finally drank the koolaid.