CIL 2009: What’s Hot in RSS

Speaker: Steven M. Cohen

  • Zoho – somewhat more popular than Google Docs
  • YouTube RSS search – only the top 10 of any search, however, if you use youtube/rss/search/<search term>.rss, you will get it all
  • X – nothing
  • WwwhatsNew – Spanish language cool tools
  • Votes Database – Washington Post hosted profiles of congressional members including RSS feed of current voting record
  • JD Supra (it has a U in it) – documents that lawyers are putting up online to be shared by anyone (marketing/social tool)
  • Tic Tocs – table of contents RSS for any journal that has it, aggregated in one location
  • Scribd – YouTube for documents
  • Ravelry – social networking for knitters
  • QuestionPoint
  • Page2RSS – creates a feed of daily changes to web pages
  • Open Congress – feeds of congressional action about people, committees, issues, bills, etc.
  • N – nothing
  • Mashable – top tech trends in social networking
  • LibraryThing – "the future of what catalogs will look like"
  • KillerStartups – description and evaluation of new websites & applications
  • Justia Dockets – Federal District Court Filings & Documents, RSS feeds for search results
  • I Want To – …missed this one…
  • Hunch – new site, hasn’t been launched yet, created by the Flickr woman
  • Google Reader – taking over Bloglines; can share items with comments, but the comments are private (I think) instead of the notes, which still exist
  • Facebook – yeah
  • E-Hub – not sure what makes this cool, but he listed it
  • Deepest Sender – Firefox extension for blogging links
  • Compfight – CC/Flickr image search (can limit to CC only)
  • Backup URL – creates a backup of any URL in case it goes down — great for presentations
  • Awesome Highlighter – highlight text on web pages and then get a link to it

librarians blogging about librarian blogs

Go figure! Greg Schwartz of Open Stacks and Steven M. Cohen of LibraryStuff are collaborating on a blog that is all about librarian & library created blogs. Schwartz already maintains the librarian weblog category of dmoz, so it makes sense that he would be involved a blog of this nature. Now I have another blog to add to my RSS agregator!