Perhaps it is because my first real experience with a PowerPont presentation was in my MLS program under the capable hands of Dr. Jeng. Or perhaps it was because I have only been subject to a few PowerPoint presentations that were meant to cover the presenter’s lack of content, but only succeeded in amplifying their lack of presentation ability. In any case, this PowerPoint presentation exemplifies why using technology for teaching purposes should never replace a good lesson plan.

national library week

Premptive shredding? One library has increased the frequency that it shreds paper documents referencing patron’s use of the library resources. The FBI says that unless the material has been subpoenaed it’s not illegal, but there is a hit of an underlying “yet” to that statement.

Florida State Congress has decided to save the state library. I guess ol’ Jeb won’t be able to hide too many future documents of shady politics. There goes part of Karl Rove‘s plans for the 2004 presidential election… [thanks Bonster]


I loved playing with LEGOs when I was younger. I probably would still be building things with them, but at the age of 13, my grandparents stopped buying them for me and since I couldn’t afford them, I lost interest. Why did they stop buying them for me, you ask? The box said ages 7-12, or something like that.

A man with a lot of LEGOs and time on his hands has recreated scenes from the Bible using his LEGO sets. They are accurately depicted, albeit with a touch of humor in the nature of their form.

LEGO is coming out with an Imperial Star Destroyer in its line of Star Wars figures. Check out the opening scene from Star Wars IV: A New Hope re-enacted with LEGOs.

My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics, so I think it is particularly cool that someone has put the time and effort into making mathematical sculptures using 1×1 and 1×2 bricks.

Brick Tales has recreated scenes from various classic literary works, including Hamlet, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Lord of the Rings.

For those who remember what it was like to build things with LOGO bricks that did not suggest a particular function or usage, take a look at the LEGO