shameless plug

I’m a librarian DJ, too!

I’m still catching up on reading my RSS feeds from this past weekend (I was out of town), so I hadn’t seen Jessamyn’s post about the librarian DJs in Massachusetts until just now. I thought I’d take the opportunity to remind folks that I, too, am a radio personality once a week. You can check out my playlists or listen to the live stream. I’m on every Monday from 3-5:45pm.

never underestimate the librarian

Librarians are more than what they appear to be.

The title for this entry came from a blog entry that was posted yesterday by a user on xanga. My friend Bonster sent the link to me today. The rest of the entry is a rather amusing interaction between a patron and the librarian at the circulation desk.

Kentucky Libraries article

I submitted my first article to Kentucky Libraries yesterday. Normally, it would be a given that all submissions are printed, but for the past few issues, they’ve had more submissions than they’ve had room for them. I had a collegue look it over and made suggestions before I submitted the article, and they thought it was well-written. I suppose I’ll find out in the next few weeks.


No, my non-librarian horticulturally-minded friends, I am not going to talk about my gardening habits (or lack thereof). Weeding is a term commonly used in library-land to describe the act of permanently removing items from the library collection that are no longer needed or desired. Steven posted a quote from Richard Evans Lee yesterday, which compelled me to leave a lengthy response of my own. However, after hitting the Post button, it occurred to me that I should have simply written my response here and used the trackback option. Silly me. If you want to read what I wrote, go ahead and click on “Steven” above, and you will be enlightened.