An Interview with Susan Werner

“I believe that we can be a diverse society of extraordinary creativity and innovation and vitality and freedom, and those things are the best things that we can be.”

Susan Werner, PatriotMy introduction to the music of Susan Werner was in the fall of 1999 when a friend who produced a local acoustic music radio show lent me copies of Time Between Trains and Last of the Good Straight Girls. I was instantly enchanted with the sincerity and wit that Werner brings to her music. Her last album was a thematic collection of songs that sound like they are from the 20s and 30s, but are all orginal and new. Recently, Werner made available for download a song she describes as an alternative national anthem. “This is a song that takes the National Anthem and turns it on his head,” says Werner. “It’s Francis Scott Key meets Arlo Guthrie.” I had the pleasure of speaking with Werner about the song a few weeks ago.

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traffic rant

Today while driving with the summer traffic on I-90 to Seattle, I had a road engineering idea that I think might resolve some of the issues I had with my fellow drivers. Rather than just two lanes going both directions, we really need four: the fast lane, the slow lane, the truck lane, and the drives-like-a-grandpa lane. Today, the slow lane and drives-like-a-grandpa cars kept coming over into the fast lane to pass other slow and drives-like-a-grandpa cars that were going a fraction slower than them, thus causing the rest of us to brake suddenly and curse loudly. I’m glad no one was in the car with me, because I used the word “fuck” in many forms and frequently.

settling in

I’m finding that I have so many things to do in the transition from Kentucky to Washington that I hardly have time to read blogs, much less post in my own.

I’m finding that I have so many things to do in the transition from Kentucky to Washington that I hardly have time to read blogs, much less post in my own. For those that care, I am settling into life in Ellensburg just fine, and I’ve even found a house to rent from a landlord who is pet-friendly. That’s a rare thing around here, it seems.

Last weekend I visited with an old friend from Virginia who is vacationing in Seattle with some of her friends. We went to a WNBA game one night and a MLB the next afternoon. We also walked around downtown a bit and visited Pike Market near the end of the day. It wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it might be. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the city in the future. Oh! I also spent some time at IKEA. They didn’t have the flatware I wanted in stock, though.


I finally moved down to Richmond. I like my new apartment – it is much nicer than the one I had before, and I’m only three blocks from work. This move has taken up most of my free time as well as my energy, thus the reason why it has been over two weeks since my last post.

Here are a couple of fun things that have come across my email recently:

  • Are you a librarian? Don’t you wish that your OPAC could have more interesting error messages? The Warrior Librarian has a few suggestions.
  • Shhhh! No – scream! It’s BloodHag, the library band. There has already been some discussion on the NASIG listserv about making a road trip up to Seattle to see this band at some point during next summer’s meeting in Portland.
  • It’s too late to add your name to the list of signatures to this letter from Librarians for Peace, but I was very impressed with the number of folks who did. BTW, I’m #742. I wish I had known about this site earlier.

I saw that Karyn has almost paid off her credit card debt and is now offering to help someone else by directing her visitors to their website. I’m not sure if my site is up to her standards, but I’m thinking about submitting it. What do you think I should do?

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