rebecca blood

I read her book We’ve Got Blog last fall, and it inspired me to keep on with my blog and give it more solid content. I’m not sure of where I first heard of this weblog thing. Maybe it was a story on NPR. Actually, it probably was. But what got me really interested in it was reading a profile of Jessamyn West in a library journal (possibly even Library Journal). In any case, I finally decided to check it out and started my own on Blogger.

Somewhere not too long after that, I read a review of this book that Rebecca Blood edited, and I thought, “That’s something we need in our Staff Picks/Popular Collection.” So, I ordered it. Over lunch for several days, I read the history of weblogs, and it made me very appreciative of tools like Blogger and Moveable Type. The odd thing is, I never went an read her blog. That is, until today. I’ll be adding it to my RSS feed reader.

The Librarians and the Wishing Chair World Tour

On Monday afternoon, while scrounging through the playbox at WRFL for something to play that is relevant to my show, I ran across a band from California that call themselves The Librarians. I had to play a track off of their CD, even though it really doesn’t fit the format of the Estrogen Nation. I must say, they rock! Too bad they’re boys…I’d give them many more spins on my show if they had at least one girl in the band. As it is, they are my top choice for days when I can’t find enough women to fill the required slots. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered their t-shirt – I’m sure it’ll be a hit at professional librarian meetings. Oh, and I’m emailing with one of the band members about setting up an interview for RiFLe.

My friends, the band Wishing Chair, are looking for places to play on their World Tour. So, if you live in a town with a worldly name like London, Moscow, Sydney, or most especially Versailles, drop them a line and let them know about local venues. In my opinion, house concerts are the most fun, so you should also consider this. Kiya has put some links to informative websites about hosting house concerts on the World Tour page. Oh, and they now have really cool t-shirts for the tour. According to the monthly mailing, there are “[m]any sizes and colors to choose from, all 100% cotten in 4 lovely colors, ready to flatter any complexion and guaranteed to last until you wear ’em out. We won’t have anything really big or really small till we do our run on hand dyed tees this winter, so you all just keep your shirts on til then!”

Can you tell I like t-shirts?

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