unvocab debut

I made my debut on Uncontrolled Vocabulary the other evening. Everyone on the call were folks I had met at one point while at Computers in Libraries last week, and it kind of made my heart ache a little less to hear them all again. I called in on the ShoePhone, but it was glitchy, and I probably won’t use it again. Dunno if it was a TalkShoe problem or a ClearWire problem, but I think my cell phone would sound better.

So, go listen to the episode and revel in our memories of CiL!

who needs television?

Here are a few more podcasts I’ve been listening to lately (previous list):

  • Slice of SciFi – News and reviews of everything science fiction, although it’s mainly film and television oriented.
  • The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas – Each episode is a discussion of classic science fiction books, movies, and television shows.
  • Radio Free Burrito – Wil Wheaton’s experiments with podcasting.

kcrw to podcast

I don’t have an iPod or iShuffle, and I don’t know if/when I’ll ever get one. The library blogosphere and tech geek forums have been bubbling over the podcastings being done by various librarian blogger personalities, so I figured this would be one more bit of info that would send them all into a tizzy. KCRW, the intrepid eclectic public radio station out of Santa Monica, will begin offering a podcast that “features the station’s locally produced talk, news, cultural programs and commentaries…free of charge” on March 1st. The announcement page includes a list of the programs that will be podcasted.