dixie chicks on the next geraldo!

It’s so beautiful outside today that I wish my campus had a campus-wide wireless network. That way, I could borrow a laptop and work on the lawn. Ahh… one can dream…

The Specious Report has written a satire of Natalie Maines’ apology. I think it is much more appropriate.

Geraldo Rivera has “volunteered” to leave Iraq after broadcasting the location of the Army troops he was quasi-embedded with, as well as their possible future movements. I thought that the Fox News Channel was the breeding ground for conservative war hawks. I had no idea that they were actually working for Saddam!

Ever since the Patriot Act was passed in Congress, librarians have been discussing what to do about patron privacy. Booksellers have also been concerned, but their situation is somewhat more complex than libraries, since they have a history of using their customer histories to provide more customized service. One bookstore owner in Washington State has decided to not follow many libraries’ leads and is retaining his customer records in full. He briefly explains why he has made this decision, despite privacy concerns surrounding the Patriot Act.

keeping my chin up

I’m trying to keep my sense of humor and lightness in the middle of all this chaos and darkness. One step towards doing so is to turn off the network news. Another step is to find things to laugh about, and there are some of those in today’s entry.

The US Department of Homeland Security has set up a website to provide citizens with information on how to be prepared for a terrorist attack and what to do if one occurs. The US Department of Laughs has set up a page explaining some of the more ambiguous pictures found on the Department of Homeland Security website.

If you want to keep up with the latest news on the war in Iraq, I suggest taking a look at Warblogs:cc. It is a weblog that collects the latest information posted to several war-focused weblogs, as well as major news source headlines. One stop shopping for all your war news needs.

Some citizens of Longmont (CO) are committing a “patriot act” by organizing a “subversive book check-out” and rally protesting the USA Patriot Act. Sounds like a good idea to me! I hope it works.

Edna Fripple, librarian for the Sir Walter Raleigh Secondary School, has won this year’s “Shushy” award. Kudos to The Toque for this amusing piece of satire.

happy new year!

I have been here, there, and everywhere these past few weeks, but now that I’m back home and starting to get settled in, it’s about time I did something with this weblog.

The year 2002 has come and gone, and now it’s time for everyone to get a new calendar for 2003. I have an idea of what might be hanging on the walls of bibliophiles in Ocean County (NJ)…

Speaking of librarians, one of my favorite librarian webloggers (Jessamyn West) has created five technically legal signs to hang in your library now that the Patriot Act has stripped away patron privacy.

Some creative soul has put together a poignant flash animation regarding the aforementioned Patriot Act and other similar measures being taking by the current administration under the umbrella of national security. Oh, and take note of the URL. I think it’s rather amusing.

Speaking of the current administration, here’s a list of the twenty most annoying “conservatives” of 2002. The comments at the bottom are interesting, if a bit peevish. Looks like word got out to the “conservatives” about this list and they came whining.

One of my colleagues directed me to a website yesterday that contains information and images from an art exhibit currently being shown in Chicago. The basic theme of the show is that the art is “on the legal fringes of intellectual property.”