okay, okay, i want one

Long-time readers and friends probably know my thoughts on the Librarian Action Figure. I’ve mellowed a bit over time, and have even had a little fun with it. Now Archie McPhee has a deluxe edition that comes with a “library diorama” that includes a computer with what looks like an email message and an IM chat window open on the screen. I think this is a Librarian Action Figure that I wouldn’t mind finding in my Christmas stocking (or as a birthday gift – you’ve got exactly one month to get it to me).


I have a research paper due at 6pm this evening, and I am finding all sorts of excuses not to write it (like this). Oh, well! The class was interesting, at least. I just don’t have the stamina to carry an interest in a topic long enough to write ten pages about it. You can see my introduction by taking a look at the 11/20/2002 post.

    CNN has caught on to the cyberbegging trend started by Karyn. I wonder if they ran across my site in their research?
    Christmas gift suggestion here! Okay, so it’s a suggestion for what to get me, hint hint… 😉
    Winter break is almost upon us. At least those of us still in the academic realm. My friend Bonster has a nice collection of recommended reading to fill your holidays.
    Sometimes, I want to give George W. Bush a good spanking. I have not sent him an email about it, yet. I wonder if I’ll end up in prison like this guy?
    Yuk! Someone has gone to the trouble of creating a photographic timeline of Michael Jackson’s face (“With blithering, yet witty commentary”). Kind of scary, if you ask me.