browser history meme

Oh, why not…

Oh, why not…

A = Amazon
B = BookCrossing
C = Comics
D = Data Swets Connect
E = eclectic librarian dot net
F = Fasola – Sacred Harp and Shape Note singing
G = Gmail – anyone want an account?
H = Half
I = Indigo Girls
J = University of Chicago Press Journals Division
K = Lexington Herald-Leader
L = MPOW (to borrow an acronym from Karen)
M = Meetup
O = Online Northwest 2005
P = Powells
Q = Quickcare
R = Rate Your Music Knowledge Base
S = SF-Books
T = The Breast Cancer Site
U = User Friendly
V = VALISblog
W = Where’s George?
X = GeoCaching WA
Y = Academic Cartoon of the Day
Z = USPS Zip Code Lookup

Wow! Something for every letter!

if things don’t get better, i’m selling myself on ebay

I have put quite a few books up for sale on recently in order to raise funds for upcoming conference trips. Feel free to browse and see if there is anything you want.

Need to do some research but you want personal assistance? There’s a research librarian for sale on eBay and the bidding is still at $0.01!

Would you like to meet some peace activists in your area? Maybe just to chat with some like-minded folks? Check out this MeetUp.

Here’s a resource that allows you to search across “17000 News Sites, Weblogs and RSS feeds for Current Events and Breaking News.”

Wednesday’s Marketplace had an interesting story on the imbalance of pro-war and anti-war songs on the radio. I forgot to post about it earlier…