national library week revisited

I meant to write more than I did last week, since there are so many things going on with libraries right now. However, I had a full week at work which included a day-long symposium and a several day-long conference. Oh, and I was quoted in a recent article in the Lexington Herald-Leader.

ACRL has some information and links about scholarly communication.

My favorite panel at ACRL was on developing home-grown systems to keep track of the library’s electronic resources. One of the presenters, Adam Chandler, has co-created a web hub for “developing administrative metadata for electronic resource management”. In other words, it’s a collaboration of library techies from all over trying to create a standard for electronic resource management. What’s even more cool is that Norm Medeiros of Haverford College has offered to make their Electronic Resources Tracking System (ERTS) database structure available for free to anyone who wants it. The catch is that there is absolutely no tech support.

It is disheartening to have been in the midst of all this fabulous library technology while at the same time Iraq’s National Library and National Museum were looted and burned.

ALA changed the design of their website last week and has really ticked off quite a number of folks. Jessamyn West has commented on it frequently over the past week, and Karen G. Schneider sent a well-articulated complaint to the ALA Council. No word on whether ALA will modify the site. It looks to me like they are leaning heavily on FrontPage and ColdFusion.

dixie chicks on the next geraldo!

It’s so beautiful outside today that I wish my campus had a campus-wide wireless network. That way, I could borrow a laptop and work on the lawn. Ahh… one can dream…

The Specious Report has written a satire of Natalie Maines’ apology. I think it is much more appropriate.

Geraldo Rivera has “volunteered” to leave Iraq after broadcasting the location of the Army troops he was quasi-embedded with, as well as their possible future movements. I thought that the Fox News Channel was the breeding ground for conservative war hawks. I had no idea that they were actually working for Saddam!

Ever since the Patriot Act was passed in Congress, librarians have been discussing what to do about patron privacy. Booksellers have also been concerned, but their situation is somewhat more complex than libraries, since they have a history of using their customer histories to provide more customized service. One bookstore owner in Washington State has decided to not follow many libraries’ leads and is retaining his customer records in full. He briefly explains why he has made this decision, despite privacy concerns surrounding the Patriot Act.

rain rain go away

It’s been pouring rain all afternoon, but now that it’s time to go, it has stopped. Good thing, too, since I didn’t bring my umbrella or rain jacket today. Several interesting things came across my email and web searches. No real connection between them other than they caught my attention.

Purdue Libraries hosted five Russian librarians recently as a part of the Open World Program at the Library of Congress Center for Russian Leadership Development. One of the librarians, Anna Britayeva, said, “I think that it is great that here in the United States, people pay so much attention to the libraries, because libraries are cultural centers, and many people depend on libraries. So I think if you want your nation to become more educated, more cultured, you should build more and more libraries.” Amen, sister!

This week, an American peace activist was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer when she tried to stop them from destroying Palestinian homes in Gaza. Today at her memorial service, Israeli armored vehicles attempted to break up the peaceful mourners with tear gas and grenades. Sick and wrong.

Want to learn Welsh but having trouble? Try this illustrated dictionary, intended for those learning Welsh as a second language.

Barbie® the Librarian

My sister came to my house last night for dinner. It was fun. Aparently she has started her own weblog of sorts, and called me a “rockin’ girl” for cooking her dinner.

    Barbie® needs a new career, and you can help decide what it will be. Currently, librarian is at the top of the rankings, with 40% of the website visitors choosing that profession over architect and policewoman.
    What happens when your server gets cranky? Your users see this message, rather than the standard 404 File Not Found. Warning – this is not recommended for children.
    Ever wondered where to find a good comic about librarians or libraries? Now you need look no further than Steven M. Bergson’s Librarians in Comics: Comic Strips and Librarians in Comics: Comic Books bibliographies.