surprise laugh

One of my favorite non-librarian/library weblogs is This Fish Needs a Bicycle. Heather Hunter is a youngish woman living in NYC with a talent for storytelling. Using anecdotes from her life, she has created a following of readers from around the country, and quite possibly around the world. I have become one of those dedicated readers, patiently waiting for the next post to land in my Bloglines folder. Today’s entry left me laughing out loud, and it is highly recommended for cat owners.

In other news, I’m working hard to meet a deadline at the end of this week for my contribution to a book on electronic resource librarians. More on that later if I ever get the darn thing written.

post-conference depression

I suppose that unless you have experienced it, it is difficult to imagine how much fun one can have at a conference with a bunch of serials librarians. We only get together once a year, so perhaps that explains the intensity of everything, from the session topics to the late night laughter. On the flight home, I felt slightly nauseous and inexplicably sad. It has been a long time since I have felt like that, but it is a familiar to anyone who has experience summer camp. I was ready to go home when it was time, but at the same time, I wanted to hold on to those experiences and to the bond that has been created between my cohorts and me. I have to look on the bright side; even though we are scattered in four states and two countries, we will almost certainly see each other at least once a year. Perhaps that is what makes our time together this past weekend as precious as it is.

As you can see, it’s been quite some time since I posted anything new here. Part of that has been a result of my busy summer, but part of it has also been a lack of enthusiasm. The format of this blog might be changing from purely links with minimal commentary to a blend of reflections on my experiences as they happen, along with important links with commentary. Basically, I’ll be keeping both the format and the content eclectic, which is as it should be.