This book tries to be funny about librarians and libraries, but it has not aged well.

Last year, a fellow bookcrosser sent me a copy of Betty Vogel’s self-published attempt at library humor entitled A Librarian Is To Read. This copy is being passed around to librarians, and since I’ll be convening with quite a few of them at ALA Midwinter, I figured I’d better get it read and ready to pass off to someone else.

The book did not impress me. There were moments of genuine humor, but most of the book seemed to be a mixture of negativity and sarcasm. The age of the book did not assist it, either. While it might have been more applicable (and funny) at the time it was written, libraries and librarians have changed enough since then to make it less of an inside joke and more of a glimpse into a different time. Perhaps librarians who were active in the profession around the same time as the author would enjoy it more than I.

serials librarian joke

Anna offers a contribution of a silly serials librarian joke.

I’ve been working away on this article, and I think it’s twisted my brain.

Q: How many serials librarians does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One. They are used to changing light bulbs regularly. First it’s light bulb. Then it’s lightbulb. Then it becomes lb : the bulb of light….