“Yech….. can I have another?”

Writing about my mother for Mother’s Day.

My Mom is a wonderful mother, but she definitely has some quirks. She’s gotten better about some of these, but we still tease her about them.

For instance, she used to not order a drink when we went out to dinner somewhere (restaurant, fast food, anywhere), but then she’d take a “sip” of your drink and drain about half the glass. Dad learned early on to order a size large enough for both of them. She also would try whatever food or candy you happened to be eating, and if it was an unusual flavor and she wasn’t sure she liked it, she would express a dislike for that item. However, she’d usually want another bite or piece of it several minutes later.

For a long time, Mom wouldn’t buy new things for herself. My family of four gets money every Christmas from my Dad’s parents (my grandparents) to buy our Christmas gifts. Mom always has the most boxes out of all of us because she doesn’t think she deserves something full price and gets great pleasure out of finding clothes she likes on sale. Sometimes I wonder if she bought whatever she bought just because it was on sale. She used to let new stuff hang in her closet for years with the tags on. Now she’s resolved not to buy herself new clothes unless she promises herself that she will wear them.

My mother is a people person. She is very good at going into a place and finding the fringe people and bringing them together. She’s not much of a romantic matchmaker, but she is good at matching people’s gifts with those who need them and plugging people into roles in an organization that fit them best.

Mom doesn’t believe in reincarnation, so she’s done all of the lives she would have lived in this life. Growing up, it seemed like every other week she had a new hobby. At one time, she had nearly four jobs, and not entirely because we needed the extra income. She likes variety in her life and gets bored with the same old same old. Ironically, she usually tells me “nothing much” or “you know, my same old stuff” when I ask her about what she’s been doing lately. Dad is the one that updates me on Mom’s latest projects.

Well, I should stop now. Thankfully, my Mom has no patience for the Internet, so I know she won’t be reading this.


Anna writes about food stuff.

I just heard Ruth Reichl [ram] on The Splendid Table. I don’t know if it was a repeat or not, but it was cool to hear her speak. She’s one of my favorite food writers.

Last week, Jamie Oliver [ram] was on the show. I never quite got into his Food Network show, Oliver’s Twist (or The Naked Chef), but the other week I got hooked on back-to-back episodes of Jamie’s Kitchen.

Last night I tried a new recipe that required lots of chopping of vegetables. It was very satisfying. First time I’ve cut up a mushroom and actually cooked it, too. Also, I’ve decided that there’s nothing like fresh basil and oregano to revive a dish.

I’ve been craving really good food. I think I’m tired of the same old stuff that I always make, and the junk I eat at fast food places. The problem is that really good food takes more prep time than I usually have. Also, the food costs money that I don’t always have. Last night’s dinner was a nice change. I think I should start treating myself to a meal that makes me feel like I’m really cooking at least once a week.