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I just heard Ruth Reichl [ram] on The Splendid Table. I don’t know if it was a repeat or not, but it was cool to hear her speak. She’s one of my favorite food writers.

Last week, Jamie Oliver [ram] was on the show. I never quite got into his Food Network show, Oliver’s Twist (or The Naked Chef), but the other week I got hooked on back-to-back episodes of Jamie’s Kitchen.

Last night I tried a new recipe that required lots of chopping of vegetables. It was very satisfying. First time I’ve cut up a mushroom and actually cooked it, too. Also, I’ve decided that there’s nothing like fresh basil and oregano to revive a dish.

I’ve been craving really good food. I think I’m tired of the same old stuff that I always make, and the junk I eat at fast food places. The problem is that really good food takes more prep time than I usually have. Also, the food costs money that I don’t always have. Last night’s dinner was a nice change. I think I should start treating myself to a meal that makes me feel like I’m really cooking at least once a week.


For as long as I can remember, my mother has made a variation on the standard sloppy joe that is simply browned beef, condensed cream of mushroom soup, ketchup, and mustard. She said she got the recipe from a church potluck when we lived in Iowa, and my family has always called the sandwich a “maderight” – or at least, that’s how I spelled it in my head. It made sense to me, since I didn’t like the regular sloppy joe, a maderight was made the right way. Tonight, I was chatting with a friend from Iowa and mentioned that I had made this yummy sandwich for dinner. She knew exactly what I was talking about until I mentioned the ingredients. First of all, the original maid-rite (note the spelling) did not have condensed cream of mushroom soup, but it also isn’t quite like the messy sloppy joes they served in my Ohio elementary cafeterias. You can see some pictures of the sandwich at the Taylor’s Maid-Rite official website. I still love my mom’s version of this “loose meat” sandwich, but now I’m curious to know where she got the recipe with the condensed cream of mushroom soup and why she called it a “maid-rite” (or “maderight” as my mental spelling always put it).

peeps go mobile

My folksinging friend Lis Harvey played the quiz on last weekend’s Whad’Ya Know? (WPR program)

Extensive scientific research has been done on Peeps but only recently did researchers begin to look into the ability of Peeps to do research themselves. Research librarians have conducted one such study at the Staley Library at Millikin University (IL).

It’s spring, and that means that it’s time for all of the gardeners to get their gear together and start planting. This year, Northern gardeners can get a little help from Peeps.

Soon, those who feel the need to publish online every thought that crosses their mind will be able to do it anytime/anywhere using their mobile phone. I don’t think I’ll be jumping on this bandwagon. As you can see, I can barely keep up with one entry a week! Make sure you check out the interview with the creator of The Diary of Samuel Pepys as a weblog. [thanks aw]


I have added a link to Powell’s books on the left. They have a good selection, and if you purchase anything through that link, I get a commission that will go towards paying off my school debt. Alternatively, there is always Save Anna.

Kentucky is attempting to narrow the information technology gap by mandating that all new housing units funded more than 50% by the Kentucky Housing Corporation have to be wired for broadband Internet access. In this day and age, it is virtually a necessity for education that kids have access to the Internet at home. Now, even low-income kids in Kentucky have the potential to succeed as well as their peers from wealthier families.

More censorship from the warmongers. Two activists in New York were arrested and held in jail for several hours after hanging flyers with pictures of ordinary Iraqi citizens around the city.

My sister sent me a link to a website that has cute and artsy flash films about muffins. I liked “Feed Me” best of all the ones I watched.

Did you eat your vegetables today?

Someone actually sent me $5 for my Save Anna project! Woo-hoo! I’ll be starting a thank you page as soon as I can.

    Do you miss playing with your Mr. Potato Head®? Fret no longer – Mr.Potato, The Professor, Miss Onion & Mrs. Pepper are here to entertain you when the boss isn’t looking.
    Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D,CA) may be the first woman to hold the office of House Democratic leader. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
    Molly Ivins has an interesting take on Paul Wellstone’s legacy and our duty to be involved with the political process.

    “In this putrid election season, every television ad seems to announce that the other guy sucks eggs, runs on all fours, molests small children and has the brain of an adolescent pissant. It’s tempting to join the “pox on both their houses” crowd. They’re close to right, but they’re still wrong.”

    Lasty, the New York Times has printed some of the favorite questions and answers of the reference librarian who writes the Ask a Librarian column in the Folger Shakespeare Library‘s newsletter.