sleep & caffeine, part 2

My friend Brent suggested that measuring caffeine intake by the ounces of the beverages consumed isn’t a good calculation, and he’s right. So, I went back and used this chart to determine the milligrams of caffeine per ounce depending on the beverage consumed. Here’s how the totals break down:

I found it interesting that while I drank about 35 more ounces of diet soda than coffee, coffee was clearly the major source of my caffeine intake.

Comparing the new set of data regarding my caffeine intake with the hours of sleep during the same time period, the chart looks a little different:

I gave the hours of sleep a multiplier of 100 so that it would be easier to compare them visually. There are definitely some points where the hours of sleep decrease and the milligrams of caffeine increase.

library orientation

The University of Virginia has an amusing student-created film for library orientation on their website. I visited the Alderman Library and the undergraduate library five or six years ago when I lived in Virginia, and it was neat to see them again. I remember that at the time, the coffee and snack bar in the entrance lobby was quite controversial and innovative. Now it has become so common to see them in major libraries that it is more unusual to find a university library without a coffee bar. [thanks tangognat]