political librarians

A great deal of today’s entry comes from the recent issue of Library Juice. I am posting here the links that I found most interesting and have some relevance to non-librarians.

Hey, there’s a federal agent in my book! Jessamyn West, the author of the fabulous librarian.net weblog, has written an informative article for the average American on the Patriot Act.

Before Gulf War II started, there was an online petition to prevent the war from starting created by Librarians for Peace. Now they have created a petition calling for a halt to the war. Feel free to sign it if you are a librarian and feel so lead.

I believe global peace starts with children growing up in safe environments and not being taught to hate the “other”. Here is a list of children’s books that are anti-war put out by Weapons of Mass Instruction.

Shellac, the Sound of the Future. I missed this on Tuesday. Bummer.

I have been amused by Andrei Codrescu’s commentaries on NPR for many years. His essay on libraries and book jackets is yet another ironic piece of refined humor. Oh, and if you’re wondering, we take them off because they are easily damaged and look quite ugly after a short period of time.

Also from Tuesday: The Capitol Steps 2003 “Politics Takes a Holiday” radio show was great fun to hear. If you missed it (or missed part of it, like I did), you can download and listen to it on your RealAudio player.

emily the author

My sister has been published! She says, “It’s kinda sucky…but I’m published and that is all that matters.”

Here’s a tattoo for anarchist librarians who want to express themselves through body modifications.

Some prankster with bad taste has stolen the Baby Jesus and Mary figures from a nativity scene at a church in downtown Richmond (where I live). One of my collegues is quite upset about the loss of the Mary figure because it is the same mannequin they have been using since the fifties.

A lesbian couple has been named “cutest couple” at Crete-Monee High School in a Chicago suburb. I think it’s cool, except that I feel a little sorry for the girls having to deal with the controversy over it as well as coming out to their parents at the same time.