McMenamins on the Savvy Traveler.

I just caught the last bit of story on The Savvy Traveler about Oregon as a travel destination. They mentioned the fabulous brewery/brewpubs of McMenamins. I was in Portland this past summer for the NASIG meeting and that was when I was introduced to the best fruit ale I have ever tasted. It’s called Ruby. It’s a raspberry ale that looks like a glass of iced Lipton tea and goes down very smooth. Unfortunately, the only place where one can buy bottles is at the brewpubs themselves, and they’re only located in Oregon.

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  1. Hey there! I just came back from Seattle, and am still reeling from the incredible array of microbrews in the Northwest. Next time I am in Portland I shall seek yours out! My boyfriend took me to Roslyn, WA (where they used to film “Northern Exposure”) and there I had a very similar life-changing ale experience. And, as with your ale, that is the only place you can get it! I blogged about it not long ago…amazing stuff! 🙂 I really enjoy your blog–very diverse! Yours, Sulky (post-MLS, pre-employment, haha)

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