get your geek on

TV Guide Online is running a Star Trek poll and Wil Wheaton would be very happy if you could help keep Wesley Crusher from being voted the most annoying character.

I know, it’s hard to believe it, especially when we consider that Wesley was given lines such as, “We’re from Starfleet! We don’t lie!” and “I feel strange, but also good!” and the ever-popular “Course laid in, sir.” But it’s true. And so very, very sad.

Not that I care about this sort of thing . . . but actually, I do. I’m really tired of wearing that “Annoying Character” albatross around my neck, and if Wesley is voted most annoying in TV Guide’s big old Farewell to Star Trek issue, I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of it.

Oh, and if you’re not already reading Wil’s blog then you’re missing out on some great writing.

3 thoughts on “get your geek on”

  1. I’d love to help him, but the only character more annoying that Wesley was Kirk, and Kirk is not an option in the poll. What to do? What to do?

  2. OK, then. Out of deference to your opinion, I voted for Worf’s kid. I never really watched DS9, so I only remember him as the cute little toddler on ST:NG.

    And then the poll rewarded me by reminding me of Tasha Yar

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