celebrating the good things

Lately, I have been reveling in the awesomeness that I have been blessed with over the past couple of months, but I find it hard to blog about that since a great deal of it has to do with my (relatively) recent cross-country move. How does one write about job things without actually writing about job things? Particularly when one has not-so-nice feelings about certain job things?

It’s probably best to just write nothing at all. So I haven’t been writing. But, the down side to that is not getting to share about the awesome good things.

Things like:

  • Eating lunch in the break room nearly every day with most of my new colleagues filtering in and out over the lunch hour, and enjoying the time spent talking about whatever.
  • Asking, “Is this a resource we need?” and focusing on benefits and outcomes more than on pinching pennies.
  • Feeling like I have support to do just about anything I want or need to do professionally.
  • Figuring out how to alter my old routines to incorporate the broader social opportunities that Richmond offers.

I could go on, but that gives you an idea of some of the good things that I am blessed with these days.

Change can be scary, but sometimes it’s worth the hassle and heartache if it means that in the end you are able to thrive and grow in a way you never could have before the change. I knew that, and to a certain extent, I had lived that before, but I know it even better now. Sure, maybe in five years I’ll look back and wonder, “What was I thinking?” But, for now, I’m thinking that I made a good choice in deciding to face my fears and overcome inertia to step out into something new.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that things are going well. Those things you listed are so important and are often things we take for granted.

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