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I wrote a short note to the company making the librarian action figure referenced on July 10th, and today I received a response. Here is my original message to them:

I have a sense of humor. When I saw your design for the librarian action figure in the Seattle Times article today, I didn’t laugh. That stereotypical image of shushing librarians is so tired and worn out that it has ceased to be funny. If we are superheroes because we “make sense of the world of information,” then why not make an action figure that represents that?

Here is the response I received from Jan at Accoutrements:

Thank you for your interest in the Librarian Action Figure. She should be available in Mid to Late September. For retail purchasing info and availability updates please stay tuned to For wholesale info please go on our website at

It is so heartening to know they read email comments and respond with thoughtful and appropriate replies. Here is my response:

I am curious – what part of my message to your company gave any indication that I would want to purchase this item? Your response definitely puts me off any thought of it.

If I receive a response on this, I’ll be sure to post it here.

Here is an update on this email exchange. From Jan:

My mistake. I apologize for any offense you may have taken. The company
has received so many requests for the Librarian Action Figure I have been
on a cutting and pasting frenzy. In my Monday morning haze I glossed over the
content of your e-mail.

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