unvocab debut

I made my debut on Uncontrolled Vocabulary the other evening. Everyone on the call were folks I had met at one point while at Computers in Libraries last week, and it kind of made my heart ache a little less to hear them all again. I called in on the ShoePhone, but it was glitchy, and I probably won’t use it again. Dunno if it was a TalkShoe problem or a ClearWire problem, but I think my cell phone would sound better.

So, go listen to the episode and revel in our memories of CiL!

3 thoughts on “unvocab debut”

  1. Good to meet you at CIL and chat with you during the show, Anna! I use Skype to dial in. I use a paid version which costs a nominal amount for unlimited calls out anywhere in North America. It has worked pretty well for this purpose.

    Hopefully you will join us again!


  2. Thanks for the Skype recommendation. I might look into that if I don’t have to commit to a long-term agreement with them. Don’t really need VOIP otherwise.

  3. I use Gizmo Project, which you can use to make a SIP call into TalkShoe for free. They keep saying that eventually they’ll start charging for SIP access, but it hasn’t happened yet. SIP is the same protocol that the Shoephone uses, but I’ve rarely had a significant problem with Gizmo.

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